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Marketing Strategy

Do you have a great business idea, but lack messaging that is clear, consistent and effective?

Without a strategy Your growth will STALL

You know it’s time to plan strategically...

But your marketing team doesn't have the experience or time to develop a marketing strategy that will help you grow.

With Jigsaw Metric's expertise in research and competitive positioning, small business owners have a marketing strategy to be proud of.

We do  the hard work so you don't have to.

Cut out your inconsistent planning and messaging to prevent

low customer satisfaction

reduced lead generation

competing on price

A strategy review can help you...

Gain traction

Scale your business by attracting inbound leads and identifying your most profitable growth channels.

Find quality leads

It's not just about volume of leads. We focus on quality and how well they fit with your ideal buyer.

Focus positioning

You can't be the best choice for everyone. Understand your position to resonate with the clients that matter.

Improve retention

With an established position, you can spend more time delighting, and retaining, existing customers

Increase revenue

Grow sales through inbound enquiries, and develop a pricing strategy to reduce reliance on low-paying clients.

Grow profitably

Improved lead generation, positioning and client retention will reduce the cost of selling - even as you grow.

Find your North Star

With Jigsaw Metric, you can create a small business marketing strategy that rains leads and delights your customers.

We help you step by step to create the right strategy tailored to your business.

We do this by leveraging deep expertise and proven methodology to bring your product, customers, and marketing together and increase the quality of leads that reach your business.

Learn about the challenges we solve

What types of clients do we help?

Our customers are looking to solve these problems

Search Funds

If your goal is to acquire and operate a business, you need to know how to improve market share. We will research and outline a 90-day marketing roadmap so you can hit the ground running.

define your market position

Positioning is essential to standing out. We will help you develop your unique value proposition and the best ways to communicate it.


Is your existing market witnessing a decline? Or, is intense competition leading to a race to the bottom? We can map out areas to expand to and the positioning and messaging you need to succeed.

Market Disruptors

When you're a small firm taking on the big guns, you need a route to market. We will identify the best way to gain market share...without burning through all your money.

Small Business

Whether you are an established local service provider, or a startup scaling from 10 to 1,000 customers, you need a strategy. Our market research will give you the fuel you need to grow.

Meet your main contact

Rob Boyle - Marketing Strategist for SMEs
Rob Boyle
Jigsaw Metric Founder

"Hi, I'm Rob and I'm the founder of Jigsaw Metric. I will be your main contact throughout the onboarding, analysis and write up of your strategy review.

I have 15+ years of marketing experience, an MBA and a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership. My approach is insight driven and I will dig deep to understand your business and position you for further growth.

I look forward to working with you."

What does it involve?

Our strategy reviews are research-led and will outline your next steps to growth


We will divide potential customers into segments based on our research and buying behaviour.


After segmentation, we will identify the profitable and likely buyers to target.


Having chosen a target group, we will outline ways you can position your messaging to attract them.

Competitive audit 

It is essential that you know where you stand in the market. Our analysis will give you the lay of the land. This will then inform your positioning so you can stand out.

Keyword research

Understand the language your audience use during research and target them more effectively. Even if SEO isn't part of your plan, keyword research can help you reach buyers.

Tactical channels

Not every channel is going to work for your business. Based on what we discover about your strengths, budget and ideal client, we will recommend focus areas (e.g SEO, PPC, social)

Content review

We will review existing assets and content you have. We will then discuss a content strategy and 6-12 month plan.

Market trends

Understand the commercial trends and movements that could impact your business strategy.

Lead scoring

Having identified your target group, lead scoring enables you to assign a score to buyers based on how well they fit your ideal customer profile.

Non-focus areas

You don't need to burn yourself out on every platform. An audit will pinpoint the channels that will drive profit so you can spend less time on the ones that don't.

Metrics to track

How will you know if things are working without measuring results? We will propose the essential metrics that would fit your strategic aims.


A successful strategy requires execution. We will guide you on the resources you may need. This would include recommendations on hiring or where to outsource.

revitalise your growth with a marketing strategy review

Revitalise your marketing with Jigsaw Metric

Design a marketing strategy to
- bring you more leads
- increase your revenue
- grow your business


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