Rob Boyle


Rob Boyle

Rob Boyle is the founder of Jigsaw Metric and oversees content strategy and research projects. 

As a child of entrepreneurial small business owners, Rob understands the challenges of growing without resources. Jigsaw Metric was established as a side project to help more small businesses grow from 10 to 1,000 customers.  

For Rob, digging into the data and seeing KPI charts trend upwards is the most rewarding part of the role. 

Since graduating from university in 2006, he has worked in a variety of marketing and business roles within healthcare, education, staffing and the energy industry. 

His day job is Head of Digital Marketing for a global workforce supplier. In this role, he manages SEO, online strategy, lead generation and content marketing for 60 international locations. Prior to that he worked as a business manager in the NHS, commercialising international events and education courses for cancer specialists. 

He is a certified HubSpot specialist and well versed in using the CMS and CRM to automate marketing operations.  

His interest in research and consumer psychology was piqued by a BA in History from Goldsmiths, University of London.  

As an undergraduate, he most enjoyed the histories of medicine, psychiatry and modern Britain. This resulted in a lifelong obsession with understanding how macro trends and psychology influence decision making. 

He has since added a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership from the Open University and an MBA from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

During his MBA, his dissertation focused on diversification and market expansion strategy. The project looked to understand the factors behind successful entries into new markets. This required extensive research into value propositions and differentiation.  

An avid self-learner, Rob regularly enrols in online courses to broaden his knowledge. These courses are usually programming, software or marketing focused. 

The online courses that have helped him develop the most have been on SQL and Python for data science and machine learning. Adding these languages has elevated his data analysis skills to speed up large research projects and accurately pinpoint performance marketing campaigns.

Rob is also the website operator of Emission Index, an educational site dedicated to sustainability and climate change mitigation.

When not devouring business plans and books, Rob enjoys playing guitar and spending quality time with his infant daughter and toddler son.